Rules and Information for Novelty Classes – Owners Pony & Young Riders Charity Show

128/138cm 70cm Novelty Relay

  1. This is a Child/Guardian Pairs Relay and will be run in accordance with Article 268 of the SJI Rules as a Normal Relay with the following modifications:
  2. The Child will compete mounted and the Guardian will compete on foot.
  3. Guardians are the choice of the competitor and should be 16 or over.
  4. The pony/rider combination will jump a single round of fences and will hand over to the Guardian who will complete the round on foot.
  5. The On Foot team member can incur penalties as a Mounted team member would. E.g. Obstacles must be cleared in the correct direction.
  6. Obstacles for On Foot members may not necessarily be fences but could instead be a required action before moving on to the next obstacle (this will be made clear at the course walk).
  7. The class is open to children 12 and under riding 128cm or 138cm ponies.
  8. Fences will be 60/70cm.
  9. Run outs or refusals will not incur additional penalties but will add to your time.
  10. A knock-down will incur a 5 second penalty per fence.

148cm Retiring Riders

The Parade

  1. The Parade of Retiring Riders will be in the Main Indoor Arena. 
  2. Riders should be on horseback (it does not need to be the pony competing in the Retiring Riders competition) and wearing formal riding clothes (i.e. not fancy dress).
  3. Riders will parade around the arena on horseback to music.
  4. Riders will then dismount in the warm-up arena (you should have someone on hand to hold your pony) and re-enter the arena on foot for the presentation of medals.

The Class

  1. Retiring riders is fancy dress and there will be prizes for best dressed.
  2. This class will be run as an individual 1m Table C Speed competition. 
  3. Riders MUST use a 148cm pony.  Horses, smaller ponies or any other type of animal will not be permitted to enter the warm-up or the arena under any circumstances.
  4. Access to the warm-up arena will be strictly restricted with only 6 competitors allowed in the arena at a time.  Access will be in accordance with strict programme order and competitors further down the list will turned away.
  5. Maximum of 1 assistant per competitor allowed in the warm-up arena. Others will be requested to leave.
  6. Ponies MUST be fully tacked in accordance with normal SJI rules.
  7. Riders MUST wear riding helmets.
  8. Tack and rider’s attire will be inspected prior to entering the arena.  Riders MUST co-operate with inspectors, failure to do so could lead to disqualification.
  9. Competitors will not be permitted back into the warm up arena on completion of their round.
  10. Competition will be run strictly in accordance with SJI rules.
  11. Competitors failing to adhere to the SJI Rules and/or Code of Conduct will face disciplinary action including a fine up to €250; this will be strictly enforced.
  12. Serious breaches of the rules, as determined by the Ground Jury, will result in Disqualification of the rider from the remainder of the event (event meaning all 3 days; i.e. disqualified competitors cannot compete on Sunday).  If Disqualified, entry fees for remaining classes will not be refunded.
  13. The Committee reserve the right to refuse entries or admission without reason.