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The Owners Pony & Young Riders Charity Show

Friday 25th, Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th October, 2019
Green Glens Arena, Millstreet Town, Co Cork (by kind permission of the Duggan Family)


Once again we will be guests of the Duggan Family at the Green Glens Arena, our home for the last 19 years.  This is the 33rd Birthday of the show which takes place from Friday 25th October to Sunday 27th October, and we look forward to seeing as many friends of the show as possible, both new & old.



Please note that unauthorised ticket sellers will not be permitted to trade at the show. If you are involved with a charity that would like to be considered for inclusion in the Owners Charity Show beneficiaries, please contact a member of the committee.


In 2018/19, we were able to divide a contribution of €10,000 amongst the following charities:

BUMBLEance – The Children’s National Ambulance Service – www.bumbleance.com

Children’s Grief Centre – www.childrensgriefcentre.ie

Circle of Friends Cancer Support Centre, Tipperary – www.circleoffriendscancersupport.com

Cunamh Cancer Support Group – www.cunamh.ie

Focus Ireland – www.focusireland.ie

Forgotten Horses Ireland – www.forgottenhorses.com

Liskennett Farm – www.stjosephsfoundation.ie/What-We-Do/Facilities/Liskennett-Farm

My Lovely Horse Rescue – www.mylovelyhorserescue.com

My Canine Companion – www.mycaninecompanion.ie

Riding for the Disabled Association Ireland – www.rdai.org

The Jack Dodd Foundation – https://www.jackdoddfoundation.org/

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